In-Process Archive

In-Process 31st July

NVDA 2019.2 RC1, improving mail with Litmus, updates to the Switching from Jaws to NVDA Wiki, and the WebAIM screen reader survey, all in this week’s In-Process!

In-Process 17th July

The many updates in NVDA 2019.2 Beta 3, reminder about topic submissions for NVDACon, and tips on having NVDA spell the current word, all in this week’s In-Process.

In-Process 5th July

NVDA 2019.2 Beta 2, Mick taking a well-deserved break, updates to NVDACon and our Corporate page and details on accessing the Windows notification area, all in this week’s In-Process!

In-Process 19th June

We are still marching on towards NVDA 2019.2! Have you downloaded NVDA 2019.2 Beta 1 yet? We’d love to hear how you are finding it! Remember to comment in the NVDA User’s Email group or Email us with your feedback! New Video: What is NVDA? NV Access is pleased to share our new video: “What… Read More

In-Process 6th June

Exciting news in this week’s blog post, as we start the ball rolling towards the next release of NVDA. Plus, tips on running portable and temporary copies of NVDA and lots more!

In-Process 24th May

NVDA Productivity Bundle, Satisfaction Survey 2019, NVDACon call for topics, and information on RSS – all in this week’s In-Process!

In-Process 3rd May 2019

It’s May already! Both the NV Access team and the community have been hard at work and busy lately, so let’s have a look at what’s making news: Microsoft Outlook with NVDA Hot off the press this morning is the Microsoft Outlook with NVDA training material. Available in eBook, the price is the same $30… Read More

In-Process 18th April

Last time I wrote, we were excited to announce the release of NVDA 2019.1. This time, we’ve stepped it up again! NVDA 2019.1.1 NVDA 2019.1.1 is now available. This minor release addresses several bugs found in the original NVDA 2019.1 version. These fixes include: NVDA no longer causes Excel 2007 to crash or refuses to… Read More

In-Process 29th March

I was going to beat around the bush and tease you for a few paragraphs, but I couldn’t wait – The big news this week is the release of NVDA 2019.1! NVDA 2019.1 If you need to download it immediately and can’t bear my waffling any further, you can go right to the release announcement… Read More

In-Process 15th March 2019

Hello from sunny Anaheim! This week, the NV Access team travelled to Los Angeles, California for the 34th annual CSUN AT conference. Firstly then, a big welcome to everyone reading for the first time who attended our session on Wednesday. While this issue covers a lot of information and reiterates much that was covered in… Read More