In-Process 20th March

In these uncertain times, we’re pleased to be able to be able to give you this week’s In-Process, right on time, two weeks after the previous edition! Lots to cover this week, so let’s jump in right away with the topic which is affecting everyone:

COVID-19: Business as usual at NV Access

Firstly, we want to reassure everyone that despite the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, it’s business as usual for NV Access. The NV Access team all work remotely already. So, in that regard we aren’t impacted by office building closures or restrictions on travel.

"We are open!" text with sunburst background

“We are open!” text with sunburst background

We are continuing to improve NVDA, Fix Bugs and add new features. If you have Telephone Support, either on its own, or as part of the NVDA Productivity Bundle, rest assured that help, as always, is not far away!

NVDA Productivity Bundle Sale!

Speaking of the NVDA Productivity Bundle, here’s some exciting news! We know a lot of people are home and needing to stay occupied. Keeping busy by learning new skills is one of the most productive and useful things you can do. We’d like to offer an incentive to encourage you that now is the time to take your NVDA skills to the next level. So, the NVDA Productivity Bundle is now 10% off it’s usual price. What do you get in the NVDA Productivity Bundle? Well, heaps! As well as a direct download of NVDA itself (which also includes the User Guide), there is:

The bundle is already a huge saving off the cost of all these items individually. An extra 10% off makes it even greater value. The Australian dollar has dropped, making it cheaper again for users outside Australia. Head to the NVDA Productivity Bundle to find out more, and purchase!

NVDA Certified Expert exam

Some users have honed their skills with the NVDA Productivity Bundle. Others have bought Basic Training for NVDA on its own (Maybe the Audio or Braille versions). Or do you feel you already have great skills from years of experience? Well, now is a great time put your knowledge to the test by sitting the NVDA Certified Expert Exam. The exam itself is free for anyone to sit. Once you pass, you may choose to purchase the certification. Being an NVDA Certified Expert gets you listed on the Certification Page. You also get a neat logo you can include in your email signature or website. That is a great way to advertise your skills.

Become a GitHub Sponsor

NV Access are pleased to announce a new way you can support your favourite screen reader. GitHub Sponsors is a way for you to support open source projects you love. NV Access has been accepted to the GitHub Sponsor program. Sponsorship tiers start at $5 a month and you get a cool badge on your GitHub profile which shows your support. Check out our GitHub Sponsor Page Here.

While we’re talking about Open Source, did you know that at least 20% of US government code has to be open source? Long gone are the days when management was wary of open source. Both government and the private sector embrace the movement. A movement we are proud to have been a part of since 2006. Find out more from the Open Source section of our Corporate and Government page.

Keeping in touch

We are all spending less time physically with other people at the moment. Especially now, it is critical that we still maintain social contact with others. NVDA works with all popular communications apps and websites. We encourage you to pick your favourite form of communication and reach out to some of your neighbours, relatives or friends.

If you’d like to keep in touch with the NVDA community, the NVDA Email List is a great place to start.

The NVDA group itself is primarily for NVDA-related conversation. For a less formal conversation, the NVDA group also has a “Chat” Sub-Group. Now is a great opportunity to visit the “Chat” Sub-Group for conversation with others!

For instant messaging, NVDA has dedicated commands to work with Miranda IM specifically. NVDA works well with sites like Twitter and Facebook, and you can keep in touch with us on those. You might also use Skype, TeamTalk, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. There are also newer alternative social networks like Mastodon. Accessibility geek Marco Zehe wrote a post on Mastodon’s Accessibility.

That’s all for this week. Do take care, stay safe and keep in touch with each other, and With Us if needed. Most of all, don’t forget to look after your own needs during this time as well.