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In-Process 3rd July 2024

In-Process 3rd July 2024 We’ve got a new stable release AND a new beta to cover. And do please read the important note on the new Code Signing Certificate as it will affect you if you download a new build of NVDA in the next few weeks. In this edition: NVDA 2024.2 Released NVDA 2024.3… Read More

In-Process 20th June 2024

We’re nearly at the stable release of NVDA 2024.2! While we prepare, we thought we’d try something new – a table of contents so you can quickly find out / jump to the various articles in In-Process: NVDA 2024.2 Release Candidate Arthur’s Experience in Brazil New Synth Settings Ring Commands Assigning New Input gestures /… Read More

In-Process 31st May 2024

It’s the end of May as we welcome a new Beta, let’s find out more! NVDA 2024.2 Beta 3 The big news this week is that we are now up to Beta 3 of NVDA 2024.2. What’s new since we last looked at Beta 1? Quite a lot! Changes introduced in Beta 3: Disable style… Read More

In-Process 17th May 2024

Welcome to this 2024 Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) issue of In-Process! Let’s kick things off with a new Beta! NVDA 2024.2 Beta 1 We are very pleased to share NVDA 2024.2 Beta 1. The first beta of the next version of NVDA is here and there are lots of exciting new features to test.… Read More

In-Process 6th May 2024

We’ve previously covered a lot of the headline features of NVDA 2024.1. Today let’s look at a couple you may have missed. Specifically, copying text in Word, and getting help. Copying text in Word When you copy information in Word, in Browse mode NVDA will now copy the text with any formatting, and NVDA will… Read More

In-Process 22nd April 2024

Welcome to the 17th week of 2024! And welcome to In-Process. Let’s jump right in: NVDA 2024.1 A fortnight in, how is NVDA 2024.1 going for you? We’ve had lots of really positive reports! Have you tried the headline features we’ve been talking about recently? “On Demand” speech mode? Native Selection Mode? Add-on store bulk… Read More

In-Process 5th April 2024

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team, culminating in the BIG release! Let’s get you up to speed: NVDA 2024.1 The big news of course, is that, yes, NVDA 2024.1 is finally out! I know some of those following our record-breaking 13 Betas and 1 RC wondered if the day would ever come!… Read More

In-process 15th March 2024

It’s a busy time at NV Access HQ (and abroad!) so let’s dive on in: NVDA 2023.3.4 As we wait for the new version of NVDA, we are pleased to announce that NVDA 2023.3.4 is now available. This is a security patch release, and we encourage all users to update to this release. Please see… Read More

In-Process 29th February 2024

There’s a lot to cover this time as we approach the end of February. Lucky we have an extra day or I likely wouldn’t have got this out until next month! Strategy planning Hello from Melbourne! This edition of In-Process comes to you live from the 2024 NV Access strategy day. This in-person session is… Read More

In-Process 9th February 2024

We are continuing to get closer to the release of 2024.1. As well as a new beta for that, we also have a new 2023.3 point release. Also this week, we have a look at portable copies of NVDA. What are they? When should you use one, and how do you set them up? Let’s… Read More