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In-Process 30th July 2021

It’s the end of July already – 2021 is moving! Let’s start with something else which is disappearing fast: Basic Training Sale The response to our Basic Training for NVDA sale has been phenomenal. Many people have taken advantage of it and are enjoying improving their skills with NVDA. However, the sale must come to… Read More

In-Process 16th July 2021

The big news this week is the release of NVDA 2021.1. You’ve waited long enough, so let’s get into it: NVDA 2021.1 NVDA 2021.1 is now available for all users. NVDA 2021.1 includes optional experimental support for UIA in Excel and Chromium browsers. There are fixes for several languages, and for accessing links in Braille.… Read More

In-Process 1st July 2021

Welcome to July! We’re halfway through 2021 already, how time flies! This week, we’ve got news on NVDA 2021.1 Release Candidate, Windows 11 and our Basic Training Sale. Plus, a tip on using Web Apps which have their own keystrokes with NVDA. BREAKING NEWS: NVDA 2021.1 Release Candidate is now available. This post has been… Read More

In-process 17th June 2021

There are several exciting things to report this week – a new beta (two, in fact!), and new training material, with a discount! Plus our annual NVDA Satisfaction Survey is on again. NVDA 2021.1 Beta 3 NVDA 2021.1 Beta 3 is now available for download and testing. As with Beta 1 reported in May, this… Read More

In-Process 28th May 2021

As promised, this week we have details of the new NVDA 2021.1 Beta 1. That’s exciting, so let’s dive right in: NVDA 2021.1 Beta 1 now available for testing Beta1 of NVDA 2021.1 is now available for download and testing. For anyone who is interested in trying out what the next version of NVDA has… Read More

In-Process 14th May 2021

We’re well into May now. The weather in the southern hemisphere is cooling down, as it’s warming up in the northern hemisphere. NVDA 2021.1 Although we’ve been quiet on NVDA 2021.1, rest assured, work continues apace on the upcoming release. We expect to have a Beta out for you to test by the time the… Read More

In-Process 30th April 2021

Work is steadily progressing towards NVDA 2021.1. In the meantime, this week we’ve got an interview with Blind Tech Guys and some more customisation tips for you: Blind Tech Guys This week, Mick and Quentin sat down with the crew from Blind Tech Guys to talk all things NVDA, NV Access and even AI. If… Read More

In-Process 16th April 2021

This week, we’ve got a couple of events from others to share, and a couple of tips and tricks for you to use: Intopia Australia and New Zealand AT survey Intopia have launched a survey for Australian and New Zealand assistive technology users. You can read their full Intopia Australia and New Zealand AT Survey… Read More

In-Process 1st April 2021

Can you believe we’re a third of the way through 2021 already? That’s no April Fool’s day prank, so with the year moving so fast, we better get into this week’s In-Process: Preparations for NVDA 2021.1 NVDA 2020.4 came out well over a month ago. If you haven’t already got your copy, head over to… Read More

In-Process 12th March 2021

This week we continue our look at the new features of NVDA 2020.4, introduce our newest team member and more! NVDA 2020.4 It’s been a couple of weeks since the release of NVDA 2020.4 and people are enjoying the new features. If you missed reading about them, you can find all the info in The… Read More