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In-Process 23rd February 2018

Hi everyone, Hasn’t February been a busy month so far? So busy, in fact, that I’m a week behind in posting In-Process! What has kept us busy? One reason is that last weekend, the staff and board of NV Access all got together in Brisbane to catch up on what has been happening over the… Read More

In-Process 1st February 2018

Well, the first month of the year is already over, and hopefully, our werewolf followers didn’t get up to too much mischief during last night’s super-blue-blood-moon spectacular! Here at NV Access, we’ve been busy working on the next version of NVDA, so I thought I’d share a couple of things which are coming up in… Read More

NVDA In-Process 16 January 2018

Happy New Year everyone and a warm welcome to 2018! Well, it’s been a month since I last wrote. In that time, the NV Access team have been very busy relaxing, spending time with loved ones and eating too much! Well, speaking for myself at least… We hope you have also enjoyed your time since… Read More

In-Process 13th December 2017

Welcome to the very last In-Process for 2017! Wow, what a year it’s been. 24 issues of In-Process since it started on the 30th January, over 18,000 words, 4 NVDA releases (and hundreds of snapshot builds for those interested in trying pre-release features). We’ve had a lot of great community discussion, participation and fun. We’ve… Read More

In-Process 30th November 2017

Can you believe it is nearly December already? There’s a certain anticipation in the air; an excitement building; time to start thinking about presents…. That’s right, it’s RC time! Which means we are VERY close to the gift of a new version of NVDA. With NVDA 2017.4 in the final phases of testing, we invite… Read More

In-Process 16th November 2017

There were some enthusiastic responses to the Halloween In-Process challenge last time. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those of you who simply enjoyed the entries. All those who participated get a free copy of NVDA 2017.3! *grin* If you are also enthusiastic about NVDA, live in Australia, and have the right skills, we… Read More

(Updated) In-Process Halloween 2017: Firefox 57, Windows Fall Creators Update, Australian NDIS and more

In-Process 31 October: A statement on Firefox 57, Windows Fall Creaters Update, and Australian NDIS

In-Process “Choose-your-own-adventure!” edition

Welcome to In-Process This week, as hinted, is the In-Process choose your own adventure edition! The instructions assume you are using NVDA (in Browse mode). In any case, you can read it from start to finish if you prefer. So, let’s start your adventure! The Cave You are standing at the end of a road… Read More

In-Process 5th October 2017

Welcome to a belated In-Process, and welcome to October. Last week, instead of writing In-Process, the NV Access team were gathered in Melbourne, enjoying the food and attractions Australia’s second largest city has to offer. In part one of our one-part series on “drinks you can eat and foods you can drink”, this NV Access… Read More

In-Process 14th September 2017

In-Process 14th September 2017 We start this edition of In-Process with news of an NVDA retirement. One which will be sadly missed by some, however, the time has come to move forward. That’s right, the just released NVDA 2017.3 is the last version which will work on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Users on Windows… Read More