In-Process Archive

In-Process 5th October 2017

Welcome to a belated In-Process, and welcome to October. Last week, instead of writing In-Process, the NV Access team were gathered in Melbourne, enjoying the food and attractions Australia’s second largest city has to offer. In part one of our one-part series on “drinks you can eat and foods you can drink”, this NV Access… Read More

In-Process 14th September 2017

In-Process 14th September 2017 We start this edition of In-Process with news of an NVDA retirement. One which will be sadly missed by some, however, the time has come to move forward. That’s right, the just released NVDA 2017.3 is the last version which will work on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Users on Windows… Read More

In-Process 30th August 2017

Hi everyone, I wanted to lead this edition of In-Process with the exciting news that I have a brand new coffee machine! But apparently, that is only of interest to me. So, the big news this fortnight that isn’t caffeine related is the release of NVDA 2017.3. There are many exciting things in this release.… Read More

In-Process 16th August 2017

As we move ever closer to NVDA 2017.3, this week’s In-Process, as always, is packed full of practical information and tips. To start, some organisational news. Last week, Jamie Teh announced that the time has come for him to move on from the NV Access team. Jamie has been a key part of the NV… Read More

In-Process 2nd August 2017

New icon, no new sounds and inbuilt OCR for Windows 10 users! All this and more in the August 2 edition of In-Process!

In-Process 13th July 2017

ARIA-Placeholder, new OCR functionality, contracted Braille input and updated eSpeak NG. All this and more in this week’s In-Process!

In-Process 26th June 2017

Welcome to another issue of In-Process, it’s great to have you with us once again. Those in a rush will be pleased to hear it’s not a long In-Process this week. I choose to attribute that to our winter solstice being last Wednesday. We’ll have more and more time to do newsworthy things as the… Read More

In-Process 13th June 2017

In-Process 13 June 2017: Firstly, the big news: NVDA 2017.2 is now available. Anyone with automatic updates enabled should have received a prompt to update. You can manually update NVDA by pressing NVDA+n to open the NVDA menu, pressing H for help then C to check for update. You can also download NVDA 2017.2 from… Read More

Microsoft Edge 2 years in: Where are we at for accessibility?

NV Access is committed to ensuring that blind or vision impaired people are able to independently and efficiently access the Windows Operating System and its applications, no matter their location, language or economic status. This means much of our work involves keeping up with changes in the Windows Operating System, and ensuring that NVDA can… Read More

In-Process 26th May 2017

NVDACon, NVDA 2017.2 RC1, a new training module about to drop and the number 42? Grab your towel, it’s time for another edition of In-Process!