In-Process Archive

In-Process 6th October 2022

It’s release time! 2022.3 is here! NVDA 2022.3 The big news this week is the release of NVDA 2022.3. It contains many new and improved features, but there’s one point we’re particularly proud of. A significant amount of this release was contributed by the NVDA development community. This includes delayed character descriptions and improved Windows… Read More

In-Process 20th September 2022

It all seems to happen just after In-Process comes out! Last edition we talked about surprise releases. Not long after that edition came out, we heard the sad news about the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. You never know what tomorrow will bring. NVDA 2022.2.3 This week, we released NVDA 2022.2.3. This patch… Read More

In-Process 8th September

We’re into spring, or autumn (or fall) depending on what hemisphere you are in – or are we? Well astronomically, the equinox isn’t until the 23rd of September, so we’re still in Winter (or summer). But meteorologically, seasons start from the 1st of the month. The reason is that this divides the seasons into relatively-equal… Read More

In-Process 25th August 2022

We’ve got lots of new things this week, including a surprise release and a new beta! EDIT: With the release of 2022.2.2 and 2022.3 Beta 4, we’ve updated the links below! NVDA 2022.2.2 This week we released NVDA 2022.2.2. This is a security update which fixes one security issue present in older versions of NVDA.… Read More

In-Process 11th August 2022

We’re progressing towards NVDA 2022.3, we’ve got important news for add-on authors and a bunch more to cover this week, so let’s get into it: NVDA 2022.3 Beta 2 NVDA 2022.3 is getting closer. This week we released NVDA 2022.3 Beta 2 for testing. For anyone who is interested in trying out what the next… Read More

In-Process 29th July 2022

Another big edition of In-Process this week. The big news this time around is, it’s new version time! Let’s get all the news on 2022.2 first: NVDA 2022.2 NVDA 2022.2 is now available. This release includes many bug fixes. Notably, there are significant improvements for Java based applications, braille displays and Windows features. New table… Read More

In-Process 15 July 2022

We are getting close to a new NVDA release! Let’s start with that: 2022.2 RC1 NVDA 2022.2 RC1 is now available! As a release candidate build, this is the final step before the stable build comes out. We encourage all users to download and test the NVDA 2022.2 Release Candidate. If any issues are identified,… Read More

In-Process 29th June 2022

Work continues apace as we move ever closer to NVDA 2022.2! That isn’t the only moving we’ve been doing – read on for more: RSB Tech Fest Last week, Mick, Sean and Quentin travelled to Adelaide for RSB Tech Fest. This was an even run by the Royal Society for the Blind, at their new… Read More

In-Process 16th June 2022

It’s a busy time here at NV Access, so let’s see what’s making news this week: NVDA 2022.1 NVDA 2022.1 has been out for a few weeks now and has been really well received. We’ve previously talked about what UIA means. Last edition we also covered some of the other key features. This time then,… Read More

In-process 31st May 2022

The big news this time around, is, of course, the release of NVDA 2022.1! Let’s start there: NVDA 2022.1 NVDA 2022.1 came out last week. Here are the highlights from the release announcement: “This release includes major improvements to UIA support with MS Office. For Microsoft Office 16.0.15000 and higher on Windows 11, NVDA will… Read More