NV Access works with a range of industry partners across the globe. This network provides benefits for users of NVDA, as well as clients of partners. Users receive local, professional support, training and customisation which meets their unique requirements. The nature of the partnership varies between organisations. NV Access strives to partner with organisations whose values align with our own. The goals and resources of each organisation also help define the best fit.

Please find below, information about some of our main partners. If you would like to speak with us about how we can work together with your organisation, please get in touch.


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Babbage provides tools, offers training in work and study situations and provides software adjustments to workplaces for people with a visual or motor impairment. In addition, Babbage provides advice to organizations, employees and students about technical solutions and training.

Babbage is a valuable partner in providing development support and expertise. NV Access and Babbage have worked together to develop NVDA advances, including:

  • Automatic braille display detection.
    • With auto-detection it is possible to use any display as a plug and play device. This functionality makes life for blind braille users more comfortable.
    • The installation and maintenance costs of NVDA will also be a lot lower compared to non-automatic detecting screen readers. This is because for every braille display change an IT department may need to assist.
    • With other screen readers a deaf blind user can experience substantial challenges. Auto-detection of braille in NVDA solves this problem.
  • The new NVDA settings dialog.
    • For sighted users and mentors or teachers it is easier to use the settings dialogs.
  • New and updated braille display drivers.
    • Many brands have used Babbage for the development of the device drivers. Through this process, Babbage has gained a good understanding of NVDA’s braille display driver development field.
  • Many NVDA changes and developments that were programmed by the community were reviewed by Babbage.
  • NV Access and Babbage are collaborating on a number of projects that will support the ongoing stability and security of NVDA, as well the development of innovations that will provide additional functionality and benefits for end users.
In addition to the development of the NVDA advances that contribute substantially to improving the experiences of thousands of NVDA users, Babbage has also collaborated with NV access to make it possible to use NVDA in Citrix and the RDP environment, to enable the use of NVDA in the cloud. See the NV Access Shop and UnicornDVC from Access4U.

Babbage clients enjoy their expert knowledge of NVDA. NV Access benefits through having a local, professional partner in the Netherlands. NVDA users gain quality support and expertise provided by Babbage.

Babbage is a Dutch company, providing services across Europe. Find out more about their consulting services from