Corporate & Government

Government and corporate users have requirements in terms of security and documentation.  NV Access is pleased to be able to provide all the documentation required by agencies and business in the one place. If there is anything you think we have omitted from this page, please contact us.

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WCAG 2.0

NVDA and the NV Access website meet WCAG 2.0 level AA.  For more information, see the VPAT below.


The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) provides information about the accessibility of a product against the US Section 508 Refresh, WCAG 2.0 and the European EN301 accessibility standards. For more information on VPAT, see: NVDA complies with Section 508 and EN301, and meets WCAG 2.0, level AA.

Download NVDA’s VPAT.

Specific Government initiatives and programs

Various governments around the world have programs and initiatives to enable their citizens to get access to equipment, without being left out of pocket.  NV Access has, for over 10 years, been the leader in enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, to access a free screen reader.  Now that NV Access also provides paid support and training materials, we are keen to ensure that these are able to be included in such government programs.

NV Access is registered as an NDIS provider in Australia, meaning that Australians in the NDIS scheme, can choose to access training materials and support for NVDA as part of their NDIS plan, with no financial expense to the user. If you are involved in a government scheme and believe NVDA would fit within it for users, please contact us.

NVDA License agreement

NVDA’s license agreement is shown by the installer, prior to installation.  Once NVDA is running, the license agreement is also available from the Help menu. You can also View NVDA’s license agreement online.

Open Source software

NVDA is open source. This means that the source code is available for anyone to view. This is beneficial as it enables people outside the core developers to comment on bugs and offer suggestions for improvement. The final, compiled product contains only code which was either written, or directly checked and approved, by NV Access. Provided you download from (the Official Site), you can be sure that you are downloading an official version of NVDA which is unaltered and free from malicious software.

You can also verify this by checking the digital signature in the “Digital signature” tab of the file properties.

While anyone could potentially download the NVDA source code and edit it, only NV Access can upload files to the Official Site. There is no more inherent risk with downloading NVDA from the Official Site than there is downloading a closed source program from its official site.

We work closely with partners including Microsoft, Google and Adobe, and they work with us in the knowledge of NVDA being open source.

Collected information

NVDA does not collect any personally identifying information.  NVDA has two options which, when enabled, send a small amount of information to NV Access:

Automatically check for updates to NVDA

If this is enabled, NVDA will automatically check for updated versions of NVDA and inform you when an update is available. You can also manually check for updates by selecting Check for updates under Help in the NVDA menu. When manually or automatically checking for updates, it is necessary for NVDA to send some information to the update server in order to receive the correct update for your system. The following information is always sent when checking for updates:
  • Current NVDA version
  • Operating System version
  • Whether the Operating System is 64 or 32 bit

Allow the NVDA project to gather NVDA usage statistics

If this is enabled, NV Access will use the information from update checks in order to track the number of NVDA users including particular demographics such as Operating system and country of origin. Note that although your IP address will be used to calculate your country during the update check, the IP address is never kept. Apart from the mandatory information required to check for updates, the following extra information is also currently sent:
  • NVDA interface language
  • Whether this copy of NVDA is portable or installed
  • Name of the current speech synthesizer in use (including the name of the add-on the driver comes from)
  • Name of the current Braille display in use (including the name of the add-on the driver comes from)
  • The current output Braille table (if Braille is in use)

This information greatly aides NV Access to prioritize future development of NVDA.

Internet access

If “Check for updates” is enabled in NVDA’s settings, it will, once per day, attempt to access the internet to check whether a newer version of NVDA is available. If the program cannot access the internet, there is no impact on program features or notification to the user.  If check for updates remains checked, the program will attempt to check for updates 24 hours later. If “check for updates” is not checked, NVDA itself never needs to access the internet.

  • Note 1: Third-party, commercial add-ons, such as the Code Factory Eloquence and Vocalizer voices, may require access to the internet in order to verify their license.  Such functionality is not controlled by NV Access.
  • Note 2: The user can attempt to check for updates from NVDA’s help menu.  As with the automatic check, this routine will simply abort quietly in the background if no internet access is available.

Corporate support

If your organization requires ongoing technical support, or custom work to increase accessibility of your in-house software, see our Consulting page, and contact us.

NV Access also has training material available for purchase in a variety of formats with discounts for bulk ordering.  Add at least 10 copies of any of our courses to your cart to have a bulk discount applied automatically.