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NVDA Testimonial video montage (July 2023)

Some time ago, we asked users to share their thoughts on NVDA, and they DELIVERED! The testimonials we received from around the world perfectly demonstrate our goal of equal access to technology for blind and vision impaired people worldwide. The videos are all available here individually, but we’ve put together this montage showcasing the best… Read More

Testimonial from Jordan in the UK

Jordan has used NVDA since 2018. NVDA has empowered Jordan and assisted him in almost every aspect of his life. Every time he uses NVDA he’s reminded of why he loves it so much and the independence NVDA has helped him achieve. Transcript: “Hello everyone and welcome. In this video, I’m going to be sharing… Read More

Testimonial from Noelia from Spain

Here is a testimonial in Spanish from Noelia. NVDA has a very vibrant Spanish-speaking community, so we are very pleased to be able to share several stories in Spanish. A translation from Noelia herself is: “Hello. This is Noelia, from Spain. I work providing real time captions at events, and thanks to NVDA I can… Read More

Testimonial from Vagelis in Greece

Here is an #NVDA user #testimonial in Greek from Vagelis. While we don’t have a translation of Vagelis’ testimonial, he sent us this message to accompany his recording: “I am sending you this message, so that you can see how much NVDA helps me in my daily life. I recorded a windows voice recorder to… Read More

Testimonial from Ramy in Egypt

This testimonial comes from Ramy’s music studio in Egypt. NVDA helps Ramy produce music and in his work as a music instructor at a university in Cairo. We whole heartedly agree with Ramy that every blind and vision person should have access to a free screen reader! Transcript below: “I’m Ramy Moustafa from Egypt, and… Read More

Testimonial from Jacques in South Africa

This audio testimonial comes from Jacques in South Africa. Jacques works as a technical specialist for a financial organisation, where NVDA helps him with absolutely everything. The transcript of the testimonial is below: “My name is Jacques Stassen from South Africa. I work as a Technical Specialist for a financial organisation. I’m a staunch user… Read More

Testimonial from Iván

NVDA has a global impact, across many languages. This testimonial from Iván is in Spanish. Below the video, please find the transcript in Spanish (generalted by YouTube) and Iván’s English translation. Spanish Spanish Transcript (generated by YouTube): Hola soy Iván soy ciego total vivo en España y studio cuarto de periodismo desde 2015 utilizo NBA… Read More

Testimonial from Nimer, NVDA List owner

Nimer, from the USA, started using NVDA around 2007 and has been involved in our community ever since. He is currently the owner of the NVDA community mailing group. Nimer first began using NVDA for schoolwork over 15 years ago, and now utilises it in his workplace at Google. Here is his testimonial video, and… Read More

Testimonial from Bachir from France

Bachir is an NVDA user in France. Bachir has been a proud NVDA user since 2009 and helped us translate NVDA into French from 2010 to 2020. Bachir is able to use NVDA in the workplace, for online shopping, his finances and reading books. Here is his testimonial video, and below that, a full transcript:… Read More

Bhavya Shah, from India to the USA (Part 3)

In this last part of our series of conversations with Bhavya Shah, Bhavya shares some of the ways he has participated in the NVDA community. Bhavya’s contributions not only helped NVDA users, but were also acknowledged in his university offers.