Testimonial from Jordan in the UK

Jordan has used NVDA since 2018. NVDA has empowered Jordan and assisted him in almost every aspect of his life. Every time he uses NVDA he’s reminded of why he loves it so much and the independence NVDA has helped him achieve.


“Hello everyone and welcome. In this video, I’m going to be sharing my journey with NVDA. It was all the way back in 2018, I started using NVDA. I was greeted with the first time setup, and then once I’d got through that, I was ready to go. The first thing I tried, was opening the Windows 10 camera, settings and Windows defender, and they worked flawlessly, there was no issues at all. It even read notifications so I knew that NVDA was going to be my next daily driver. It’s all thanks to NVDA that I can now buy a computer for the same price as anyone can. Can book a hotel if I want to I can search, learn more about all these things, I can even go on social media. I can check my news feed whenever I need to. The accessible version of Facebook is really good. The twitter web app has recently become really good as well with NVDA so I’ve been using that a lot.

Thank you NV Access for releasing this amazing piece of software, as I said before. Where I am now, wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t given NVDA a try on that night. Because of this, I can go to any computer with a USB stick containing a copy of NVDA, load that software and begin using that computer.

I am able to fix family computers with NVDA. I successfully managed to fix one using NVDA. I have been able to test betas of NVDA and give feedback where necessary. I’ve done two videos on YouTube on doing that. And every time I installed NVDA on new computers I was reminded again, why I love NVDA and why I’ve been recommending it. From the installation, to the usage, to the entire functionality.

It’s hardly surprising, it’s hard to believe that a single app got me through my daily life. I don’t know where my life would be without NVDA. I rely on it, I just can’t live without it. I rely on it nearly every single day when I’m using Windows, I rely on it for checking my emails. I rely on it for browsing the web.

And, if it wasn’t for NV Access developing this piece of software, I don’t know what I would be doing right now. I’m extremely thankful for such dedication to the project, and dedication to a piece of software that will continue to develop for many years. And I’ve got a tear in my eye just saying that”

So do we Jordan! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us the role NVDA has played in your life!