Testimonial from Ramy in Egypt

This testimonial comes from Ramy’s music studio in Egypt. NVDA helps Ramy produce music and in his work as a music instructor at a university in Cairo. We whole heartedly agree with Ramy that every blind and vision person should have access to a free screen reader!

Transcript below:

“I’m Ramy Moustafa from Egypt, and as you can see, I’m working in my studio for producing music. Also I am a music instructor in a university in Cairo.

I’m using NVDA in all my life, in my university and teaching. In my studio, driving my Windows machine. Ah, Really, NVDA made my life so simple and instead of purchasing a computer and purchasing a screen reader, which I think that all Blind people should have free screen reader, because we are purchasing ah a Windows computer and we should use it as long as we have the Windows computer.

Thank you NVDA, thank you!”

Thank you Ramy for sharing how NVDA has impacted you!