Testimonial from Jacques in South Africa

This audio testimonial comes from Jacques in South Africa. Jacques works as a technical specialist for a financial organisation, where NVDA helps him with absolutely everything.

The transcript of the testimonial is below:

“My name is Jacques Stassen from South Africa. I work as a Technical Specialist for a financial organisation.

I’m a staunch user of NVDA, and a certified expert of the program. I use NVDA for absolutely everything on Windows, including coding [NVDA speaking quickly], usage on the Internet [NVDA speaking], and countless other applications.

When dealing with inaccessible software, NVDA’s object navigation often saves the day. My gratitude to NV Access and add-on contributors from around the globe. Your efforts, are appreciated. May NVDA go from strength to strength.”

Thank you Jacques for sharing how NVDA helps you in the workplace!