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Why Can’t NVDA run on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 S?

With the recent news about Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S, which can only run third party apps from the Windows Store, we’ve been asked by several users whether we can make NVDA available in the Windows Store. In the past few years, users have also asked about making NVDA available for Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately,… Read More

In-Process 4th May 2017

This week, news about what we’ve all been up to, including preparations for NVDACon, NVDA 2017.2, and an in-depth look at the differences between temporary, portable and installed versions of NVDA.

In-Process 21st April 2017

Exciting new updates on the way, helped along by the team meeting face to face in Brisbane this week.

In-Process 4th April 2017

This week, we’ve got the inside scoop on unit testing, the release of the NVDA Certified Expert accreditation exam, and in case you missed it, a half hour interview the whole team did with JJ of Blind Bargains while we were at CSUN

In-Process 17th March 2017

The NV Access team are back from CSUN 2017 with updates, information on current projects and a photo of Mick driving a speedboat near an aircraft carrier!

In-Process CSUN 2017

Welcome to a special In-Process, coming to you from the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, in San Diego, California, USA. As well as many great meetings and discussions with others in the accessibility industry, this year we are presenting a session titled “NVDA, the free screen reader: 2017 and beyond”. This post will recap some of… Read More

In-Process 16th Feb 2017

This edition of In-Process sees the release of audio training material, as well as a release candidate for NVDA 2017.1. There is also information about our upcoming appearance and presentation at CSUN.

In-Process 3rd Feb 2017

Welcome to the second edition of In-Process. Last Thursday was Australia’s national holiday, Australia Day, and we all had the day off instead of compiling what we were up to. We’re back again this week! The server upgrade has successfully completed. Thanks for putting up with a small amount of downtime last week. Every page… Read More

Introducing In-Process

Welcome to the first edition of “In-Process”, The new NV Access blog, where we’ll keep you informed of happenings within the organisation, our staff and of course, NVDA. Over the past year, our 10th anniversary celebrations have highlighted what a fantastic community NV Access has. We love seeing how important NVDA is to the blindness… Read More