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NVDA 2024.2 Released

NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2024.2 of NVDA, the free screen reader for Microsoft Windows, is now available for download. We encourage all users to upgrade to this version. Highlights There is a new feature called sound split. This allows splitting NVDA sounds into one channel (e.g. left) while sounds from all… Read More

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NVDA Testimonial video montage (July 2023)

Some time ago, we asked users to share their thoughts on NVDA, and they DELIVERED! The testimonials we received from around the world perfectly demonstrate our goal of equal access to technology for blind and vision impaired people worldwide.

The videos are all available here individually, but we’ve put together this montage showcasing the best sentiments from our users. Thank you Bachir, Ivan, Jacques, Jordan, Nimer, Noelia, Remy and Vegelis for sharing your experience with NVDA.

If you’d like to share how NVDA has impacted your life, please send a video to us at


“Hello, this is Bachir from France. I have been using NVDA as my daily screen reader since 2009. NVDA is a screen reader that serves me every day. When it comes to using my computer and even installing Windows independently. I can read books, control my finances. and be independent. In short, my Favourite screen reader because of many things, mainly because it makes me independent.

Hello, my name is Nimer, and I am a longtime NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) user. I started using NVDA back probably around in 2006-2007. When I first started using it, it was for school work, and then it transitioned into workplace. I was a technology trainer, I taught other people how to use NVDA, among other tools and now I work at Google where I use NVDA all the time. NVDA is a very powerful tool for me that I rely on all the time, I love its web support, just really love the community engagement and collaboration with making it what it is today.

(Next testimonial from Iván in Spanish)

Hello, my name is Sadam Ahmed. I am the CEO of Accessible Technology Solutions Enterprises, a company that teaches, and trains clients, students and teachers for the visually impaired, on different types of assistive technology. I use NVDA almost exclusively on my Windows PCs, it really is a fantastic solution for those who cannot afford a traditional screen reader, which are very cost prohibitively, particularly for people in different countries. I teach NVDA to my clients, and a lot of them have gone on to actually get employed, which is really good because the unemployment rate in the blind community is very high so anything that helps someone to become a digital citizen is fantastic.

My name is Jacques Stassen from South Africa. I work as a technical specialist for a financial organisation. I’m a staunch user of NVDA. When dealing with inaccessible software, NVDA’s object navigation often saves the day. My gratitude to NV Access and add-on contributors from around the globe. Your efforts are appreciated.

I’m Ramy Moustafa from Egypt, I’m using NVDA in all my life. NVDA made my life so simple, and instead of purchasing a computer and purchasing a screen reader, which I think that all blind people should have free screen reader.

(Next testimonial from Vagelis in Greek)

(Jordan’s testimonial) It was all the way back in 2018 I started using NVDA. It’s all thanks to NVDA that I can now buy a computer, for the same price as anyone can I don’t know where my life would be without NVDA. I rely on it. I just can’t live without it. I rely on it every single day when I’m using Windows I rely on it for checking my emails. I rely on it for browsing the web. And If it wasn’t for NV Access developing this piece of software. I don’t know what I would have been doing right now. I’m extremely thankful, For such dedication to the project And dedication to a piece of software that will continue to develop for many years.”

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