NV Access Podcast

A podcast about happenings regarding NV Access and the free NVDA screen reader.

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  1. Podcast Episode 10

    In episode 10, we highlight the major features in the just-released NVDA 2015.4, followed by a brief summary of what’s coming in NVDA 2016.1. We give a quick update on our in-progress training material and the OSARA extension for REAPER, as well as a couple of other bits of NVDA news.

    Links related to discussion in this episode:


  2. Podcast Episode 9

    In this long overdue, whirlwind episode of the NV Access Podcast, we first talk about NVDA and Windows 10 and the upcoming NVDA 2015.3 release. We then give a brief summary of the major changes in NVDA over the last year or so, as well as work currently in progress for the next release. Finally, we highlight other exciting happenings related to NVDA and NV Access.

    Links mentioned in the show:


  3. Podcast Episode 8

    In episode 8, we talk about what’s new in NVDA 2014.1. We also briefly cover some of the work already underway for version 2014.2.


  4. Podcast Episode 7

    Episode 7 provides details about the upcoming NVDA 2013.3 release, as well as some exciting news about OpenOffice accessibility. We also give a brief update about donations and usage statistics.


  5. Podcast Episode 6

    In episode 6, we discuss what’s in the upcoming NVDA 2013.2 release, as well as explaining our new release process.


  6. Podcast Episode 5

    In this episode, we talk about the new NV Access website and the NVDA 2013.1 release. NVDA’s new support for Microsoft PowerPoint is demonstrated. Finally, we cover the recent problems with our email lists and provide a quick update about usage statistics.


  7. Podcast episode 4

    Episode 4 focuses primarily on highlights of the upcoming NVDA 2012.3 release, including demonstrations of some of the major features. We also introduce and demonstrate the Nuance Vocalizer voices for NVDA. Finally, we provide an update on usage statistics and donations.


  8. Podcast episode 3

    In the third episode of the NV Access Podcast, we talk a little about the NVDA 2012.2 release, introduce the ?NVDA Add-ons page, give a quick update about usage statistics, discuss what’s coming up in future NVDA releases and demonstrate NVDA’s early touch screen support!


  9. Podcast Episode 2

    In this episode, we discuss the highlights of NVDA 2012.2 and some interesting usage statistics.


  10. Podcast Episode 1

    In this first episode of the NV Access Podcast, we talk about the major highlights of NVDA 2012.1, support for Windows 8 and plans for upcoming versions of NVDA.
    Note that this was actually recorded on 29 March, so it is a little outdated, though most of the content should still be of interest. Also, we’re still working on a proper podcast feed. Please bear with us!