NV Access Podcast

A podcast about happenings regarding NV Access and the free NVDA screen reader.

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Podcast Episode 10

Learn what’s new in NVDA 2015.4, what’s coming in NVDA 2016.1 and more in episode 10 of the NV Access podcast.

Podcast Episode 9

Hear about NVDA and Windows 10, recent and upcoming changes in NVDA and more in podcast episode 9.

Podcast Episode 8

Hear about what’s new in NVDA 2014.1 in podcast episode 8.

Podcast Episode 7

NVDA 2013.3 details and OpenOffice accessibility news in podcast episode 7.

Podcast Episode 6

Learn about NVDA 2013.2 and our new release process in podcast episode 6.

Podcast Episode 5

Find out about our new website and NVDA 2013.1 in podcast episode 5.

Podcast episode 4

What’s in NVDA 2012.3? Find out in podcast episode 4.

Podcast episode 3

NVDA 2012.2 and more in Podcast episode 3.

Podcast Episode 2

Usage statistics and NVDA 2012.2 highlights all in podcast episode 2.

Podcast Episode 1

Windows 8, NVDA 2012.1 and more in podcast episode 1.