In-Process 3rd November 2022

Work is continuing towards NVDA 2022.4, and we’ll have more in the next edition. But first, this week, are you an aspiring movie star? Of course you are!

Casting call for NVDA users!

Calling all our movie star NVDA users! We would love you to send us videos of you using NVDA, especially at work, at school, college or university. We want to show NVDA in action and would also love to hear about who you are, where you are from and what you love about NVDA. Videos do not need to be of high quality – using your phone will be fine. Please note that we would like to use what you supply on the NV Access website, in our social media and media. We would love to share these stories & videos to highlight the work of NV Access and the great impact NVDA has. The intention is to raise awareness and to support us to continue our work.

If you are able to share a short video (say 30 seconds), we’d love to hear from you! The easiest way would be if you could please save it on a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google drive or OneDrive. Then share a link to the file with us at

A hand holding a phone camera in front of a PC showing an NVDA "product box".  Coloured edges with the NV Access logo and the text "CASTING CALL!"

A hand holding a phone camera in front of a PC showing an NVDA “product box”. Coloured edges with the NV Access logo and the text “CASTING CALL!”

NV Access in the media

While we’re asking you to help spread the good word about NVDA, we’ve been sharing the news ourselves as well. Over the past few weeks, we have been on three podcasts in three different continents. Two of them are online already and you can listen to them now (more on the third in In-Process once we have a link to share).

Quentin talked with NCBI in Ireland on Talking Technology with NCBI Labs, episode 16. It is available on your favourite podcasting app, or via Also on this episode, a fascinating look at the world of accessible astronomy.

Quentin spoke with Accessible World’s Tek Talk in the US about where NVDA came from, what’s new and what’s coming up.

NVDA Satisfaction Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s NVDA Satisfaction Survey. We had a great number of responses and we are still very busy working through them all! Here are a couple which really made us smile:

Blind folks need as many tools in their tool kit as possible. I would be sure to strongly encourage donations with the focus on remembering that doing so helps folks around the world.

NVDA is very light on system resources, is easy to learn, easy to install and setup and just works. when I was at college I got the IT technician to install NVDA on all the computers and not only did it help a lot of people like myself it saved a heck of a lot of money for other stuff they really needed

NVDA is a robust, stable, eye-catching, intuitive and manageable screen reader. Its size is small compared to other pseudo screen readers. For that and more I would recommend it. Sorry about my terrible English, I’m using a translator. Greetings from South America, Ecuador.” (Editor: Your English is great, thank you for sharing!)

NVDA is a main part of my life, you helped me a lot, thanks.

But, we don’t just do these surveys each year to hear nice things! Of course, that is a great bonus, but what is most valuable is for us to hear where we can improve.

One comment this year was:

Hasn’t table navigation hotkeys to move to last row / column

What a quick fix! NVDA 2022.2 (released after the survey closed) now includes:

  • control+alt+home/end to jump to first/last column
  • control+alt+pageUp/pageDown to jump to first/last row

We covered this in more detail in an In-Process article on Table Navigation commands in 2022.2.

That’s all for this week. Do keep in touch in the NVDA User Email group and we’ll be back again soon!