In-Process 24th May

Welcome to another edition of In-Process!

Productivity bundle

To start today, NV Access is very pleased to announce the NVDA Productivity bundle. In response to popular demand, this bundle includes all our most popular, and asked for items:

  • The free NVDA screen reader and user guide (an easy to use, direct download link)
  • Basic Training with NVDA (the ideal way to become efficient with NVDA, in electronic text)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook for NVDA (the three follow-up modules to turn you into an Office Expert)
  • 10 hours of telephone support (including local numbers for the USA and Australia)
This bundle includes the support and learning activities to get you up and running with NVDA. The extensive training will make you efficient for years to come!

All this at 17% off the regular list price.

Cover image for NVDA Productivity Bundle

Cover image for NVDA Productivity Bundle

NVDA Satisfaction Survey 2019

NV Access is always keen to hear from our users. I hope that doesn’t come as a surprise! To that end, we have released a very short survey and would love your feedback. The survey is anonymous, and you don’t need to sign-in to anything to complete it. Your feedback will help us determine what is working well, and what we can improve.

If you’d like to have your say, please Complete the NVDA Satisfaction survey 2019 now.

The survey is open until the 17th of June.

NVDACon call for topics

The NVDACon International planning committee would like to invite you to submit session topics for the upcoming NVDA community conference (NVDACon). The conference will be held in August of 2019.

This amazing event, which underpins the social interaction between users, developers, institutions and stakeholders, is a NVDA community conference (NVDACon). Every year, the stakeholders in this community meet at this online conference and discuss or present interesting topics related to accessibility and the NVDA screen reader.

If you or an organization you represent are interested in presenting an exciting topic about NVDA, please submit your topic by June 30th, 2019.

RSS feed

We have a number of users who receive notifications of new In-Process posts via RSS. RSS is a way of being notified of updates to web pages and new content. The site Blogging Basics has a quick summary of RSS. If you are interested in more depth, Wikipedia’s RSS article goes into more detail on the technicalities. You can receive RSS notifications through your browser, through a dedicated RSS feed manager, or with some email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. For Microsoft Outlook, there is a topic on RSS feeds in the Microsoft Outlook for NVDA training module.

We’ve now made it even easier to access the RSS feed for In-Process by including a “Subscribe to RSS” link at the top of the page. If you’d like to recommend your favourite way to access RSS, or ask others for their opinion, the NVDA Users Email list is a great place for recommendations. If you’d like to chat with others in more detail about RSS feeds and other peripherally related topics, join the conversation in the NVDA users chat group.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back with another edition soon!