In-Process 13th June 2018

UPDATE: NVDA 2018.2 is now available! Keep reading!

Well, what a busy few weeks we’ve had recently!

The highlight for me was the annual NVDACon. I find NVDACon such a special event. Because it is set up and run entirely by users, it highlights what a wonderful community you all are!

If you missed NVDACon, fear not! The sessions were recorded and will be available on the NVDACon website very shortly. Be sure to check the NVDACon website and follow NVDACon on twitter to find out when the recordings are online.

Mick and Reef spent a week in San Francisco working on the future of Braille Mathematics. Many leading individuals and companies came together during a very productive week. More will come out from that over the next few weeks and months.

Of course, the other big thing happening at the moment is that NVDA 2018.2 IS NOW OUT! Check out the NVDA 2018.2 release announcement for the full announcement and links to download.

Highlights of this release include Support for tables in Kindle for PC, support for HumanWare BrailleNote Touch and BI14 Braille displays, Improvements to both Onecore and Sapi5 speech synthesizers, improvements in Microsoft Outlook and much more.

Something else to try out is a new combined settings dialog. In earlier versions of NVDA, many individual settings dialogs were available from the NVDA Preferences menu. In NVDA 2018.2, many of these are now pages in one single “Settings” dialog. Direct shortcut keys to get to a section, for instance, NVDA+control+k to get to keyboard settings, still work. These shortcuts open the settings dialog, to the relevant page, with the focus on the first item, as before. One minor change is that there is only one “Speech” page, with the Synthesizer as the first button on this page. That button opens the traditional Synthesizer dialog to choose the synthesizer. You can still press NVDA+control+s to open the Synthesizer dialog, or NVDA+control+v to open the Speech (previously “Voice”) settings. The advantage of the new dialog is that you can adjust settings across different categories all from the one dialog.

You can download NVDA 2018.2 now to try out all the new features.

You can also read the full NVDA 2018.2 what’s new to find out about every change and update.

That’s all today, Have fun, and let us know your thoughts on NVDA 2018.2!