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Media release: Aussie computer programmers a global phenomenon

When Michael Curran and James Teh met on a music camp for blind children, little did they know they would one day join forces to improve the lives of blind and vision impaired people around the world. With a shared passion for “nerdy computer programs” the two totally blind men reunited in their early twenties… Read More

Announcing the Release of NVDA 2013.1

2013.1, the latest release of the free NVDA screen reading software, is now available from NV Access for anyone to download. Highlights of this release include a more intuitive and consistent laptop keyboard layout; basic support for Microsoft PowerPoint; support for long descriptions in web browsers; and support for input of computer braille for braille… Read More

Blind Orgs Make PowerPoint Support a Reality in NVDA

Thanks to the support of several key blindness organisations, soon blind and vision impaired people will be able to gain access to Microsoft PowerPoint through NVDA, enabling them to both create and present presentations along with their sighted peers. People have long waited for PowerPoint support in NVDA, but it was at a gala dinner… Read More

Microsoft Lends a Hand to NV Access

For a screen reader such as NVDA to be useful, it must be able to provide access to the latest Operating Systems and third party applications. Microsoft has recently granted NV Access a year of free access to much of its latest and legacy software in order to ensure NVDA’s support for many of these… Read More

NV Access recognised for Chinese character support

On Friday Michael Curran received an Outstanding Achievement award from the Taiwan Digital Talking Books Association, in recognition of his work regarding Chinese character input support in the NVDA screen reader. To input languages such as Chinese in Windows, the user types certain key sequences, but then must usually choose the correct Chinese character from… Read More

PDF Association Continues Funding of NVDA PDF/UA Support

Earlier this year, the PDF Association launched the “NVDA goes PDF/UA” project to fund support for PDF/UA in NVDA, enabling superior access to accessible PDF documents. The first round of funding in June resulted in significant enhancements to PDF access in NVDA 2012.3, particularly with regard to tables. We are pleased to announce that the… Read More

NVDA 2012.3 Released

NV Access announces the release of NVDA 2012.3.

Come and See NVDA at Vision Australia’s Texpo 2012

NV Access will be demonstrating the NVDA screen reader at Texpo 2012, an annual public event run by Vision Australia to showcase current technologies and services available for those who are blind and vision impaired in Australia. On August 24th and 25th in Melbourne, August 31st and September 1st in Sydney, and September 7th and… Read More

High-Quality Voices Available for NVDA

NV Access is very happy to announce the availability of the Nuance Vocalizer range of voices for NVDA. These voices, which have proven to be popular on iPhones and the Mac, can now all be purchased for one affordable price for use with NVDA. Whether you use NVDA installed on one computer, or carry it… Read More

NVDA 2012.2 Released

NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2012.2 of NVDA, the free, open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows, is now available. Highlights of this release include an in-built installer and portable creation feature, automatic updates, easy management of new NVDA add-ons, announcement of graphics in Microsoft Word, support for Windows 8 Metro style… Read More