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  1. High-Quality Voices Available for NVDA

    NV Access is very happy to announce the availability of the Nuance Vocalizer range of voices for NVDA. These voices, which have proven to be popular on iPhones and the Mac, can now all be purchased for one affordable price for use with NVDA. Whether you use NVDA installed on one computer, or carry it around with you for access at anytime on a USB flash drive, these performant and high-quality voices will be there when you need them.

    Purchasing Vocalizer today for 75 EUR gives you access to over 50 different voices covering more than 30 major languages.

    Vocalizer can be purchased from Tiflotecnia Lda and other local distributors. For each purchase NV Access will receive at least 10 EUR to help support the NVDA project.

    For more information about Vocalizer with NVDA, trial downloads and a list of
    distributors, please visit the official Vocalizer NVDA website.

    To use Vocalizer, NVDA 2012.2 or higher is required. Please visit our Download page to get the latest version of NVDA if you have not done so already.

  2. NVDA 2012.2 Released

    NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2012.2 of NVDA, the free, open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows, is now available. Highlights of this release include an in-built installer and portable creation feature, automatic updates, easy management of new NVDA add-ons, announcement of graphics in Microsoft Word, support for Windows 8 Metro style apps, and several important bug fixes. You can find out more or download a copy from our downloads page.

  3. Adobe Continues to Support NVDA in 2012

    Adobe is continuing its funding of NVDA screen reader development in 2012. Priorities include ongoing improvements to NVDA’s support for PDF documents (including work towards PDF/UA standard compliance), AIR applications, Adobe Digital Editions and general HTML and ARIA improvements. Please see Adobe’s blog post for further details. As always, we are extremely grateful to Adobe for their ongoing belief in and support of the NVDA project.

  4. A Joint Effort to Improve NVDA for Chinese Language Users

    Thanks to financial contributions from both the Hong Kong Blind Union (HKBU) and the Taiwan Digital Talking Books Association (TDTB), NV Access will be able to undertake a project to improve the usability of NVDA for Chinese language users. Both of these organisations have been great supporters of NVDA in the past and we are thrilled that they are willing to provide the means to get this particular project off the ground.

    Depending on available voices, NVDA is able to handle speaking of Chinese text quite well. On the other hand, writing East-Asian languages such as Chinese or Japanese is nearly impossible. To input languages such as Chinese in Windows, the user types certain key sequences, but then must usually choose the correct Chinese character from a list of possible choices. In order to make NVDA suitable for East-Asian language users, it has to be able to report these choices and also allow the user to review the typed phrase so far before it is finally entered in to the document or control they are working with.

    To date, work has been undertaken by individual communities to add this support into NVDA. Although these modifications seem to work reasonably well, they are not integrated into the official version of NVDA. This means that there is a tendency for these changes to break with new releases of NVDA and the support is not readily available to the widest amount of users, including those in other countries wishing to learn a language such as Chinese. NV Access will therefore commit development resources to reviewing existing code, integrating it in to the official NVDA project and making further improvements in close collaboration with the original communities. If you are interested in more information, you can read a detailed work proposal including full cost estimates.

    The HKBU and TDTB have both agreed to contribute one third of the project cost each. Although this means we are one third short, NV Access is still happy to undertake the project, focusing specifically on Chinese input, and the needs of Taiwan and Hong Kong. If there are any individuals or organisations (especially from either mainland China or Japan) who may be willing to contribute the shortfall, we would be more than happy to work closely with them on this project, expanding our focus to cover their specific user needs.

    Again, we would like to thank both the HKBU and TDTB for their contributions and we look forward to working with them on this project.

  5. NVDA 2012.1 Released

    NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2012.1 of NVDA, the free, open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows, is now available. Highlights of this release include features for more fluent reading of braille; indication of document formatting in braille; access to much more formatting information and improved performance in Microsoft Word; and support for the iTunes Store. You can find out more or download a copy from our download page.

  6. NVDA 2011.3 Released

    NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2011.3 of NVDA, the free, open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows, is now available. Highlights of this release include automatic speech language switching when reading documents with appropriate language information; support for 64 bit Java Runtime Environments; reporting of text formatting in browse mode in Mozilla applications; better handling of application crashes and freezes; and initial fixes for Windows 8. You can find out more or download a copy from our download page.

  7. Vision Australia Provides Computer Training with NVDA Screen Reader

    Vision Australia has recently announced that it is now offering several of its computer training courses especially tailored for use with the NVDA screen reader.

    These courses, freely available to blind and vision impaired Australians in several states, focus on such skills as typing, email, word processing and browsing the web.

    Vision Australia has offered courses in computers for many years, and NV Access is excited that due to growing popularity of NVDA in Australia, there are now courses specific to those who use this screen reader.

    These courses are available in several formats and can be taken either as face to face or as distance learning.
    Please visit the Vision Australia Adaptive Technology Course Outlines page or call Vision Australia on 1300 84 74 66 for more information about these courses with NVDA.

  8. NV Access Recognised as Outstanding Disability Organisation as part of Queensland’s Disability

    NV Access is very proud to announce that it has received the award for Outstanding Disability Organisation, as a part of Queensland’s Disability Action Week. The award was presented to Michael Curran and james Teh by The Honourable Curtis Pitt, Ministor for Disability Services at an action week dinner held in Cairns on Thursday night.

    This award recognises our dedication to the ideal that access to technology should not incur an extra cost for blind and vision impaired computer users, through development of the freely available NVDA screen reading software. We are very honoured to receive such recognition from a key Australian Government organisation and are pleased that our work is helping blind and vision impaired Queenslanders in their daily lives. Minister Pitt said, “This award is well-earned recognition of NV Access’ positive contribution to people’s lives.”

    Disability Action Week is held each year in Queensland to celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with a disability. This year, as part of Action Week, a disability conference was held at the Cairns Convention Centre, at which the awards were presented.