NVDA 2019.2RC1 Released

Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of NVDA 2019.2 is now available for download and testing. We encourage all users to download this RC and provide feedback. This is a release candidate for NVDA 2019.2. Unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2019.2 release.

Highlights of this release include auto detection of Freedom Scientific braille displays, an experimental setting in the Advanced panel to stop browse mode from automatically moving focus (which may provide performance improvements), a rate boost option for the Windows OneCore synthesizer to achieve very fast rates, and many other bug fixes.

Changes from Beta 2:

New Features

  • Added a command to show the replacement for the symbol under the review cursor. (#9286)
  • Added an experimental option to the Advanced Settings panel that allows you to try out a new, work-in-progress rewrite of NVDA’s Windows Console support using the Microsoft UI Automation API. (#9614)
  • In the Python Console, the input field now supports pasting multiple lines from the clipboard. (#9776)


  • Updated eSpeak-NG to commit 67324cc.
  • Updated liblouis braille translator to version 3.10.0. (#9439, #9678)
  • NVDA will now report the word ‘selected’ after reporting the text a user has just selected.(#9028, #9909)
  • In Microsoft Visual Studio Code, browse mode is now off by default. (#9828)

Bug Fixes

  • In Mozilla Firefox, updates to a live region are no longer reported if the live region is in a background tab. (#1318)
  • NVDA’s browse mode Find dialog no longer fails to function if NVDA’s About dialog is currently open in the background. (#8566)

Changes for developers

  • Added a new isWin10 function to the winVersion module which returns whether or not this copy of NVDA is running on (at least) the supplied release version of Windows 10 (such as 1903). (#9761)
  • The NVDA Python console now contains more useful modules in its namespace (such as appModules, globalPlugins, config and textInfos). (#9789)
  • The result of the last executed command in the NVDA Python console is now accessible from the _ (line) variable. (#9782)
  • Note that this shadows the gettext translation function also called “_”. To access the translation function: del _

Download NVDA 2019.2RC1

What’s new in this release of NVDA

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