Join the NVDA revolution! Finally, a Fast, Functional & Totally Free Screen reader.

There is a better solution than spending thousands of dollars on a screen reader!

We’re free by principle, not by merit!

We strive for a world where EVERYONE has equal access to the life changing benefits of technology — not just the privilege.

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Here’s why NVDA is the secret formula you always wanted…


100% free to use globally, so you never have to worry about how you’re going to afford screen reading software again!


Quick, simple, no-fuss installation, so you can start using the screen reader faster!


Fast, light-weight and small footprint ensures superior stability, reliability and less crashes, so you’re more productive!


An easy, intuitive and comfortable experience to use, so you’ll have a stress-free, enjoyable time using your computer.


Just as powerful and functional as the paid screen reader alternatives, so you’ll never have to sacrifice on quality.


Portable on a USB stick, making your life so much easier! Great for easily using computers other than your own, on the go!


Available in multiple languages. Great if you speak a minority language where the options are limited or expensive.

Open Source

Our open source community develops add-ons and also contributes directly to NVDA itself.  This makes NVDA a truly user-driven project.

Peace of Mind

Gives you peace of mind that you can always stay up-to-date with technology and never have to worry about affording costly updates.


Feel good that you’re standing behind the most ethical screen reader available, developed by the blind for the blind.

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Hear from one of our users

“NVDA has transformed my life. Although I am still a high school student, I have been able to win Model United Nation conferences, achieve distinctions in mathematics and science related competitive examinations and be academically oriented, largely due to the powers and abilities of NVDA, at no cost.”

— Bhavya, India

Hear from one of our users

“An issue is always looking for new work. Companies never hire us because they do not want to bear the cost of the screen reader. Making use of NVDA allows me to enter the labor market without requiring the company to bear the costs acquisition of a paid screen reader. NVDA allowed me to have many benefits.”

— Fernando, Brazil


“I have one client who can now manage her bank account and bills independently online, and this gives her such a sense of control over her life! I have others that can now send and receive emails instead of having someone else do it for them. NVDA allows everyone access to electronic information which is so very critical in today’s world!”

— Jessica, USA Assistive Tech Instructor
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The NVDA screen reader allows some of the world’s poorest blind people access to computers, and a way out of poverty.If you have the means, no matter how big or small, please become a marvellous monthly donor or make a one-off donation, before downloading NVDA.

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