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Thank you

As a registered charity, NV Access would like to sincerely thank all of our generous donors. Your support helps us to ensure that we can continue to develop and provide the NVDA screen reader free of charge to all blind and vision impaired people, no matter their language, location or economic status.

Find out just how NVDA is changing lives, thanks to donations like yours, with our User Testimonials.

Many of our donors like to demonstrate that they are proud supporters of NV Access and NVDA, and we know many of our supporters like to encourage others to donate. We have created several images you can use to share your support and encourage others.

Donor badge images

This, smaller donor badge is suitable for your email signature:

Proud supporter of NV Access badge (small)

Proud supporter of NV Access badge (small)

This larger version of the same image is suitable for use on your website, or other communications:

Proud supporter of NV Access badge (larger)

Proud supporter of NV Access badge (larger)

You can also download both donor badges as a zip file.

If you need a higher resolution image, please contact us.


The image depicts a turquoise shield with small orange decorations either side. The image contains the text “NV Access” above, “PROUD SPUPORTER” inside and “Makers of NVDA” below the shield, all in purple. The year is inside the shield, in orange and split by the sunburst design from the NV Access logo. A full description of the NV Access logo is available on our About Us page:

Once again, thank you to all our donors for your generous support.