Drawing on over 10 years of extensive experience in the accessibility and assistive technology industries, including the development of the industry acclaimed NVDA screen reader, NV Access provides a range of services to organisations covering there accessibility needs. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these services or arrange a quote.

For individuals looking for support or training for NVDA, please visit our Help page for a list of local organisations offering these services.

NVDA Support and Training for Organisations

If your organisation is planning to deploy NVDA for use by staff or clients, NV Access can provide training and ongoing support to staff in the effective use of NVDA.

Windows Software Accessibility Consulting

If you are developing a Windows application and want it to be accessible to blind and vision impaired users, NV Access can help. Whether you are developing a new application or improving an existing one, we can assess the accessibility of the application and provide high level advice, technical guidance and testing.

NVDA Customisation for Specific Applications

Sometimes, it is not possible or too expensive to improve the accessibility of a Windows application for blind and vision impaired users by enhancing the application itself. In other cases, screen reader changes are needed for a more efficient user experience or to implement new kinds of accessibility. NV Access can enhance or extend NVDA to accommodate your specific requirements.