Windows Software Accessibility Consulting

Mick and Jamie

If you are developing a Windows application and want it to be accessible to blind and vision impaired users, NV Access can help.

Whether you are developing a new application or improving an existing one, we can assess the accessibility of the application and provide high level advice, technical guidance and testing remains compatible with the world’s rapidly changing technology.

Brands we’ve consulted with:

  • google
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Nippon Foundation

The benefits we can offer you.

  • Reputation

    We have a fantastic track record of accessibility consulting and are known as industry leaders. We’re trusted by the likes of Google, Adobe and Microsoft, so you know when you work with us, you’ll be in good hands.

  • Innovation

    We’re known for our outside-the-box, innovative thinking. No problem is too big — we are able to problem solve issues for even the most complex software products relied on by millions of users.

  • Compliant

    We are extremely thorough and understand the intricacies of accessibility law compliance. We will help your brand develop a great reputation for accessibility and protect you from legal issues.

  • Unique Understanding

    As blind people ourselves, we have a unique insider’s understanding into how blind people work with computers and what they need to ensure a simple, stress-free experience with your products. We bring an innate knowledge to the table.

  • Effective Solutions

    We are accessibility experts who have devoted our lives to understanding the complex nature of making software accessible. We provide a seamless experience and effective solutions that ensure you don’t lose traction.

  • Empower lives!

    Hire us and you won’t just get an effective solution to your problem, but all the proceeds will go directly into the improvement and updates of NVDA, our free, globally accessible screen-reading software, which changes lives and empowers the blind and vision impaired community.

Contact us to enquire about a consulting project

Please email us at to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.