NVDA Expert Certification

AUD $110.00

The NVDA Expert certification tests your general knowledge of the NVDA screen reader. The online exam is free for anyone to take.

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NVDA Expert Certification draws from knowledge found in the NVDA Basic Training module, the NVDA user guide, and other publically available resources. Being able to pass this online exam proves that you are proficient in the usage of NVDA, and that you have the skills to help others learn how to best use the product. The online exam is free for anyone to take, however if you pass the exam and wish to be officially listed as an NVDA expert, a certificate can be purchased from us. Please note that the online exam is currently only available in English, and all questions assume that NVDA and any other applications are set to English.

Listing on the NVDA Certified Experts page also gives you the opportunity to promote your own business or training services. You receive a certificate you can print, and a badge you can include on your website and electronic correspondence.

The purchase price of this product supports the work of NV Access and our ability to provide the NVDA screen reading software free of charge. If you would like to brush up on your NVDA skills before taking the exam, we recommend the Basic Training for NVDA module, which is also available in the shop.