Testimonial from Nimer, NVDA List owner

Nimer, from the USA, started using NVDA around 2007 and has been involved in our community ever since. He is currently the owner of the NVDA community mailing group.

Nimer first began using NVDA for schoolwork over 15 years ago, and now utilises it in his workplace at Google.

Here is his testimonial video, and below that, a full transcript:

Transcript follows:

Hello, my name is Nimer, and I am a long time NVDA Non-Visual Desktop Access user. I started using NVDA back probably around in 2006, 2007, somewhere around there, 2008 maybe, I really don’t know the exact year it was. I think the first version I really tried to use full time was somewhere around 0.5, 0.6 and I’ve really been involved in the community since then.

Of course, some of you may know now, I am the owner of the NVDA community mailing group. I have also had a little bit of collaboration with updating some of the documentation for NVDA back in those days as well. And now I am simply an NVDA user and I have been using NVDA as I said a really long time. It was for … when I first started using it, it was for school work, and then it transitioned into the workplace. I was a technology trainer, I taught other people how to use NVDA, among other tools.

And now I work at Google, where I use NVDA all the time for creation of documents and bugs and sheets and all kinds of tasks, so NVDA is a really powerful tool for me that I rely on all the time, I love its web support and just really love the community engagement and collaboration with making it what it is today. It is a really powerful screen reader.

So let’s take a look here at just one of the tasks that I use NVDA for (sound of typing) (NVDA speaking). So I have a Google Doc open, and I use Google docs all the time and rely on NVDA. This is a blank doc, but NVDA is very configurable, it lets me configure it the way that I like. So I can type out a sentence or maybe a title for this document, I can say something like “Using NVDA with Google docs”. And I have typing turned off because I don’t want the letters verbalized as I type. But I can always read this text (NVDA): “Title Using NVDA with Google Docs, S.i nisu uniform” (Nimer) And I can always read the text, character by character, word by word etc, so let’s just go ahead and select this line of text and go ahead and apply a title formatting to it. (NVDA): “Using NVDA with Google docs selected.” (Nimer) Here we go. (NVDA) “Menu, submenu, title case 1 update title to match, Document selected, title updated. Document content edit multiline selected using NVDA with Google Docs. Title Using NVDA with Google Docs, Using NVDA with Google Docs”.

(Nimer) So I have applied a title (NVDA) “Title, Using” (Nimer) And Yep this is my use of NVDA. If you have any questions, please reach out, let me know. I can be found through the NVDA mailing group Otherwise, thank you for your time.

Thank you Nimer for sharing with us how NVDA continues to play a significant role in your life!