Testimonial from Bachir from France

Bachir is an NVDA user in France. Bachir has been a proud NVDA user since 2009 and helped us translate NVDA into French from 2010 to 2020. Bachir is able to use NVDA in the workplace, for online shopping, his finances and reading books.

Here is his testimonial video, and below that, a full transcript:

Transcript follows:

Hello, this is Bachir from France. I have been using NVDA as my daily screen reader since 2009. I have been translating it from 2010 to 2020 as a member of the French translation team of such a fantastic piece of software.

NVDA is open-source, completely free of charge, we can give it away, copy it, distribute it, becoming thus actors when it comes to equipping our peers. You can install it on any reasonably priced computer and start using it right away. Be it through an installation or through a portable copy.

When I started looking for a job, one of the administrations here in France wanted me to work on accessibility. When it became necessary for me to deal with more than 50 PCs, NVDA came to the rescue. All I had to do was go through these using my thumb drive and all the computer I dealt with were talking to me with no efforts. Even in ultra-secure environments, NVDA was very handy and very easy to use.

With NVDA, I can read a text using my braille display, as you can see right now. I am on my desktop and the text is displayed, it is also spoken. I can open Microsoft Word for example [NVDA speaking very quickly in background] and type any text I want. I’m doing it now [NVDA in background]. NVDA is speaking each character as I type. Dialog boxes are correctly voiced, and displayed in Braille too [NVDA speaking]. I can check my messages using Mozilla Thunderbird, or any other accessible email client if I want to. And, I can even do some shopping if I wanted to, using either Firefox, or another web browser [NVDA reading text].

There are many things to say about NVDA, but the things I enjoy most are its flexibility when it comes to accepting add-ons that will even enrich NVDA further.

NVDA is a screen reader that serves me every day when it comes to using my computer and even installing Windows independently. I can read books, control my finances, and be independent, in short.

NV Access, the driving force behind NVDA, is the organisation that has been working on it since 2007, if my memory serves me right. As a former university student, I am very proud to use NVDA. I can copy it, give it away, no strings attached, no license infringement. NVDA is my favourite screen reader because of many things. Mainly because it makes me independent in daily living.

Thanks for watching.

Thank you Bachir, for your support, and for sharing your story!