NVDACon online conference, June 1 – 3 2018

Hi everyone,

Next weekend, June 1 – 3 2018, is the 5th annual NVDACon. It’s an online conference you can attend from the comfort of your own home. The theme this year is “Future-proofing NVDA”. There are sessions to suit regular users, as well as those interested in the more technical aspects of add-on development. It is free and open to everyone to attend. NVDACon is a great chance to meet other users, add-on developers and members of the NV Access team.

There’s no cost and no RSVP needed, all you need is the TeamTalk software. TeamTalk is a free program which works a bit like Skype, you can have voice conversations, or, as with the NVDACon sessions, simply join and listen to the presenter speaking. There is also a text chat feature, which you can use, for instance, to indicate that you have a question during a presentation without interrupting the speaker.

TeamTalk 5 Classic is the latest version and it works well with NVDA. See the Official TeamTalk 5 Classic page for how to download the program, the NVDA add-on and how to set it up. See also the NVDACon How to join us page for more detailed steps for joining particular conference areas.

Sessions are generally recorded and available to listen to after the conference at https://www.nvdacon.org/ One big advantage of participating during NVDACon is that you can ask questions and participate in the conversation following each session.

The full schedule for NVDACon 2018 will be up on the NVDACon website in the next few days. You can also join the conversation on the NVDA user’s email list.

Note: NV Access is very proud to support the organising committee, in small ways, such as this post, but otherwise, everything for NVDACon is organised entirely by users, for users!