NVDA 2024.2rc1 available for testing

The Release Candidate (RC) of NVDA 2024.2 is now available for download and testing. We encourage all users to download this RC and provide feedback. Unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2024.2 release. By installing the RC you will be opting into NVDA’s beta/RC channel, and will only receive update notifications for these builds. The beta/RC channel will always keep you up to date with latest NVDA version, identical to the latest stable build if no newer beta/RC is available. To return to the stable release channel, upgrade manually to the latest stable build.



There is a new feature called sound split. This allows splitting NVDA sounds into one channel (e.g. left) while sounds from all other applications are directed to the other channel (e.g. right).

There are new commands for modifying the synth settings ring, allowing users to jump to the first or last setting, and to increase or decrease the current setting in larger steps. There are also new quick navigation commands, allowing users to bind gestures to quickly jump between: paragraph, vertically aligned paragraph, same style text, different style text, menu item, toggle button, progress bar, figure, and math formula.

There are many new braille features and bug fixes. A new braille mode called “display speech output” has been added. When active, the braille display shows exactly what NVDA speaks. Support was also added for the BrailleEdgeS2 and BrailleEdgeS3 displays. LibLouis was updated, adding new detailed (with capital letters indicated) Belarusian and Ukrainian Braille tables, a Lao table, and a Spanish table for reading Greek texts.

eSpeak was updated, adding new language Tigrinya.

There are many minor bug fixes for applications, such as Thunderbird, Adobe Reader, web browsers, Nudi and Geekbench.

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