NVDA 2023.3beta3 available for testing

Beta3 of NVDA 2023.3 is now available for download and testing. For anyone who is interested in trying out what the next version of NVDA has to offer before it is officially released, we welcome you to download the beta and provide feedback. By installing the beta you will be opting into NVDA’s beta/release candidate (RC) channel, and will only receive update notifications for these builds. The beta/RC channel will always keep you up to date with latest NVDA version, identical to the latest stable build if no newer beta/RC is available. To return to the stable release channel, upgrade manually to the latest stable build.


This release includes improvements to performance, responsiveness and stability of audio output. Options have been added to control the volume of NVDA sounds and beeps, or to have them follow the volume of the voice you are using.

NVDA can now periodically refresh OCR results, speaking new text as it appears. This can be configured in the Windows OCR category of NVDA’s settings dialog.

There’s been several braille fixes, improving device detection and caret movement. It is now possible to opt-out unwanted drivers from automatic detection, to improve autodetection performance. There are also new BRLTTY commands.

There’s also been bug fixes for the Add-on Store, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge context menus, and Windows Calculator.

Changes introduced in Beta 3:

  • A new Audio setting panel. Options have been moved from Advanced preferences to control the volume of NVDA sounds and beeps, or to have them follow the volume of the voice you are using.
  • Add-on store bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug where NVDA would not speak until restarted after add-on installation.
    • Fixed issues with handling incompatible add-ons when upgrading NVDA.
    • Fixed bug where add-ons cannot be installed if a previous download failed or was cancelled.
  • Fixed performance issues with Task Manager
  • NVDA no longer ignores focus changes when a nested window (grand child window) gets focus.
  • Fixed a potential cause of crashing during NVDA start-up.
  • Updates to translations

Changes introduced in Beta 2:

  • Fixed issue where some externally installed add-ons were unusable
  • Updates to translations


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