NVDA 2023.2rc1 available for testing

The Release Candidate (RC) of NVDA 2023.2 is now available for download and testing. We encourage all users to download this RC and provide feedback. Unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2023.2 release.


This release introduces the Add-on Store to replace the Add-ons Manager. In the Add-on Store you can browse, search, install and update community add-ons. You can now manually override incompatibility issues with outdated add-ons at your own risk.

There are new braille features, commands, and display support. There are also new input gestures for OCR and flattened object navigation. Navigating and reporting formatting in Microsoft Office is improved.

There are many bug fixes, particularly for braille, Microsoft Office, web browsers and Windows 11.

eSpeak-NG, LibLouis braille translator, and Unicode CLDR have been updated.

Changes introduced in Beta 3:

  • Updates to translations
  • Fixed bug with checking for updates

Changes introduced in Beta 2:

  • Updates to translations
  • Various minor fixes to the Add-on Store including:
    • added a warning dialog when opening the Add-on Store for the first time
    • improved handling of externally installed add-ons
    • improved handling of translated add-on information
  • Gesture and device detection bug fixes for Eurobraille displays
  • Bug fix for displaying the Braille category in NVDA preferences
  • Bug fix for handling focus changes, notably for Windows Mail
  • Bug fix for Braille viewer
  • Bug fix for Eloquence where uppercase words were spelled instead of spoken directly
  • Minor changes to the User Guide, particularly the temporary copy restrictions section.


NVDA logo on a purple background