NVDA 2022.3rc1 available for testing

The Release Candidate (RC) of NVDA 2022.3 is now available for download and testing. We encourage all users to download this RC and provide feedback. Unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2022.3 release.


A significant amount of this release was contributed by the NVDA development community. This includes delayed character descriptions and improved Windows Console support.

This release also includes several bug fixes. Notably, up-to-date versions of Adobe Acrobat/Reader will no longer crash when reading a PDF document.

eSpeak has been updated, which introduces 3 new languages: Belarusian, Luxembourgish and Totontepec Mixe.

Changes from Beta 5:

  • Introduces an security fix from NVDA 2022.2.4.
  • Updates to translations.

Changes from Beta 4:

  • Introduces an API fix for NVDA remote from NVDA 2022.2.3.
  • Updates to translations.

Changes from Beta 3:

  • Introduces a bug fix with input gestures from NVDA 2022.2.2.
  • Updates to translations.

Changes from Beta 2:

  • Introduces security fix from NVDA 2022.2.1.
  • Updates to translations.

Changes from Beta 1:

  • NVDA now reads delayed character descriptions in the correct locale.
  • Updates to translations.


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