NVDA 2021.1rc2 available for testing

Release Candidate 2 (RC2) of NVDA 2021.1 is now available for download and testing. We encourage all users to download this RC and provide feedback. Unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2021.1 release.

Changes from RC1:

  • Updates to translations.


NVDA 2021.1 includes optional experimental support for UIA in Excel and Chromium browsers. There are fixes for several languages, and for accessing links in Braille. There are updates to Unicode CLDR, mathematical symbols, and LibLouis. As well as many bug fixes and improvements, including in Office, Visual Studio, and several languages.


  • If upgrading from Beta3 or Beta4, the RC1 update must be installed manually.
  • This release breaks compatibility with existing add-ons.
  • This release also drops support for Adobe Flash.