NVDA 2021.1beta3 Available for Testing

Beta3 of NVDA 2021.1 is now available for download and testing. For anyone who is interested in trying out what the next version of NVDA has to offer before it is officially released, we welcome you to download the beta and provide feedback.

Changes from Beta2:

  • Fix for a rare issue causing NVDA to fail to restart after update.
  • Fix for Twitter app navigation with J/K keys.
  • Fix focus changes in Microsoft Word 365 Online not announced when using Edge with UIA.
  • Updates to translations

Changes from Beta1:

  • In the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge, text fields such as the address bar are now announced when empty.
  • Espeak now supports Cantonese and Mandarin again.
  • Espeak has been reverted to an older version to resolve issues with corruption after speaking certain characters.
  • Updated Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) to 39.0
  • Fix for previously supported Seika braille displays, adds support for the Seika Notetaker braille display from Nippon Telesoft.
  • Updates to translations


NVDA 2021.1 includes optional experimental support for UIA in Excel and Chromium browsers. There are fixes for several languages, and for accessing links in Braille. There are updates to Unicode CLDR, mathematical symbols, and LibLouis. As well as many bug fixes and improvements, including in Office, Visual Studio, and several languages.


  • This release breaks compatibility with existing add-ons.
  • This release also drops support for Adobe Flash.