NVDA 2018.3rc3 Released

NV Access has just released NVDA 2018.3rc3. This is a Release Candidate, meaning that unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2018.3 release.

Changes from rc1:

  • Fixed bug stopping the NVDA desktop shortcut from being created on German systems.
  • NVDA no longer completely fails to interact with iTunes 12.9.

Highlights of this release include automatic detection of many Braille displays, support for new Windows 10 features including the Windows 10 Imoji input panel, and many other bug fixes.

A reminder about add-ons: Changes in NVDA 2018.3 causes the NvDARemote add-on not to run correctly. We are working closely with the add-on authors and they have assured us that a new version of the add-on will be released as soon as the official NVDA 2018.3 becomes available.

When updating NVDA, we always recommend you close all web browsers and other applications before proceeding with the update. NVDA must update files that are currently in use, and this could temporarily make your system unstable.