NVDA 2017.4rc3 Released

NVDA 2017.4rc3 has just been released for testing. This is a release candidate, which means that unless any critical issues are found, this will be identical to the final 2017.4 release.

Changes from RC2:

  • Fixed performance issues in applications such as MIRC which draw a lot of text to the screen using Windows GDI. (#7803)

Changes from RC1:

  • The message shown in NVDA’s About dialog is again correctly shown in the user’s configured language.
  • It is again possible to connect to Handy Tech Braille Star 40 devices using bluetooth.
  • Fixed an issue where overriding handy tech display gestures resulted in warnings about malformed input gesture identifiers.

Highlights of this release include many fixes and enhancements to web support including browse mode for web dialogs by default, better reporting of field group labels in browse mode, support for new Windows 10 technologies such as Windows Defender Application Guard and Windows 10 on ARM64, and automatic reporting of screen orientation and battery status. Please note that this version of NVDA no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista. The minimum requirement for NVDA is now windows 7 with Service Pack 1.