NVDA 2015.3 Released

NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2015.3 of NVDA, the free screen reader for Microsoft Windows, has now been released. Highlights of this release include initial support for Windows 10; the ability to disable single letter navigation in browse mode (useful for some web apps); improvements in Internet Explorer; and fixes for garbled text when typing in certain applications with braille enabled.

Note that we do not recommend Windows 10 for most users at this time. If you are considering upgrading to or purchasing a computer with Windows 10, Please carefully read our information about NVDA and Windows 10 first.

NVDA is used by 10s of thousands of blind and vision impaired people spanning more than 120 countries, enabling them to socialise, get an education and participate in the workforce regardless of their location, language or economic situation. However, NV Access needs your help to continue this important work. Please consider making a donation when downloading.

Download NVDA 2015.3

to find out what’s new in this release, please read What’s new in NVDA 2015.3.