In-Process 9th October 2020

We’re very close to a new NVDA version! The first release candidate is out, so let’s start with that:

NVDA 2020.3 Release Candidate

Following on from the beta releases over the past few weeks, NVDA 2020.3 RC1 has been released. This is a release candidate, and unless any critical issues are found, this will be identical to the 2020.3 release. I would encourage everyone to Please Test This Release Candidate.

There are improvements to stability and performance, particularly in Office. There is a new German Braille table, and eSpeak-NG has been updated. There are new touchscreen options, and we’ve added new emulated system keys in the input gestures dialog.

More highlights and download links can be found in the NVDA 2020.3 Release Candidate Announcement.

Updated Job advertisement

NV Access is still seeking to appoint a Full-Time Software Engineer to join our small team. Your work will focus on improving our NVDA screen reading software and related online infrastructure, including feature implementation and bug fixing. You must be an Australian Resident (For Tax Purposes). We have updated the advertisement with new details. So, for all the information, and to apply, please refer to our Full Time Software Engineer Job Advertisement.

Code of conduct

NV Access has always been lauded for upholding the highest moral and ethical standard. We have recently formalised this ethos into a code of conduct. This code of conduct doesn’t comprise anything unusual or surprising. Indeed, there isn’t anything listed which wasn’t already standard behaviour, either for us, or for the NVDA community overall. You can find a copy of the code of conduct in the main NVDA Files Repository on GitHub. The direct link to the Code of Conduct itself is Going forward, this will be the code of conduct for NV Access owned forums, such as our GitHub repository. We would encourage other NVDA-based communities to consider adopting similar codes of conduct, which you are welcome to base off this document.

NVDACon 2020 call for topics

NVDACon 2020 is fast approaching. Robert Hänggi, the chair, has posted a Call for Topics Letter to the Community, calling for submissions for the conference.

There are a number of new presentation types and lengths, so if you haven’t presented before, or been worried that your presentation might not be the right length or style, Have a Look at the Call For Topics For NVDACon 2020, there’s sure to be something to suit!

Another of the NVDACon organisers, Derek, is looking into the possibility of live streaming sessions on YouTube. Because YouTube has the provision for visuals as well as audio, Derek would like to know what you would have as visuals with each presentation? Email with your thoughts and suggestions.

Reading foreign languages:

Jen Jesso of the Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired in Vancouver has put together a handy guide for Setting up NVDA to Read Foreign Languages. These are very useful for anyone who uses NVDA with multiple languages regularly.

New Accessible game

Many people have been following the progress of the Tau Station project. The project has made it to Kickstarter now and is seeking backers. Tau Station describes itself as an “MMO Biblio RPG”, an expansive and beautifully written science fiction novel and a grippingly immersive, massively multiplayer role-playing game. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’d enjoy, then you might consider backing Tau Station on Kickstarter.

That’s all for this week. NVDA 2020.3 will either be out, or very close to it by the time our next In-Process comes out. In the meantime, do please try the NVDA 2020.3 Release Candidate and Let Us Know what you think.