In-Process 29th August 2018

It’s been a few weeks since the last edition, but Australia has a new Prime Minister, so it is time for another In-Process. Rest assured, we’ve all been busy doing more work than our politicians! One of the biggest things we’re working on, of course, is the next version of NVDA. That’s right, NVDA 2018.3 is fast approaching! Last Friday we entered our “translation freeze” period. Translation freeze gives our wonderful translators two weeks to update for NVDA 2018.3. No new features are being accepted for inclusion in 2018.3 from this point. The good news from that is that if you are keen to get an early view of what’s coming up, you can download the beta version.

Highlights of NVDA 2018.3 beta 3 include: – Automatic detection of many Braille displays, – Support for new Windows 10 features including the Windows 10 Emoji input panel – Many other bug fixes.

If you do try out the beta version, we would encourage feedback, particularly on any problems you run into. Please do try to note whether something is a new issue or if it is an existing issue. If an existing problem is reported as new in the beta, it can cause us to look in the wrong place for the problem.

We encourage you to post any issues you encounter on GitHub. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, do please still report your findings either in the User Group, or to us by email.

If you missed the previous links, you can Read the release notes for the beta here.

NVDA 2018.3 will be the first release using our new release process. We covered the changes to the release process in the 4th July edition of In-Process. You can read the full release process here.

2018.3 beta 3 isn’t the only big news we have this week. NV Access are very excited to welcome to the helm our new CEO, Danika Bakalich. As many know, NV Access have been keen to increase our in-house development resources. More development time means issues can be addressed quicker and features added sooner. Mick Curran spends a lot of time building partnerships, promotion and company management. Danika’s appointment will free up Mick from a lot of this, allowing him to focus more on NVDA itself. I know you all join me in welcoming Danika to NV Access, and the wider NVDA community!

That’s all for this week.