Announcing the Release of NVDA 2013.1

2013.1, the latest release of the free NVDA screen reading software, is now available from NV Access for anyone to download.

Highlights of this release include a more intuitive and consistent laptop keyboard layout; basic support for Microsoft PowerPoint; support for long descriptions in web browsers; and support for input of computer braille for braille displays which have a braille keyboard.

NVDA is used by 10s of thousands of blind and vision impaired people spanning more than 120 countries, enabling them to socialize, get an education, and participate in the workforce — things that may not have been possible previously for those who could not afford other expensive screen reading solutions. However, we need your help to continue developing this product. Please consider making a donation when downloading. Even a small amount goes a long way to helping us ensure equal access to computers for those who are blind or vision impaired.

Download NVDA 2013.1