Announcing NVDA 2017.2 Release

Version 2017.2 of the free NVDA screen Reader from NV Access is now available for download. Highlights of this release include full support for audio ducking in the Windows 10 Creators Update; fixes for several selection issues in browse mode, including problems with select all; significant improvements in Microsoft Edge support; and improvements on the web such as indication of elements marked as current (using aria-current).

NVDA is used by 10s of thousands of blind and vision impaired people spanning more than 120 countries, enabling them to socialise, get an education and participate in the workforce regardless of their location, language or economic situation. However, NV Access needs your help to continue this important work. Please consider making a donation when downloading.

Download NVDA 2017.2

To find out what’s new in this release, please read What’s new in NVDA 2017.2.