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In-Process 16th April 2021

This week, we’ve got a couple of events from others to share, and a couple of tips and tricks for you to use: Intopia Australia and New Zealand AT survey Intopia have launched a survey for Australian and New Zealand assistive technology users. You can read their full Intopia Australia and New Zealand AT Survey… Read More

In-Process 1st April 2021

Can you believe we’re a third of the way through 2021 already? That’s no April Fool’s day prank, so with the year moving so fast, we better get into this week’s In-Process: Preparations for NVDA 2021.1 NVDA 2020.4 came out well over a month ago. If you haven’t already got your copy, head over to… Read More

Contributing to NVDA

Thank you very much for your interest in NV Access. Unfortunately, we are not currently hiring. We appreciate it’s no substitute, but there are ways you can still contribute to NVDA if you wish. Being open source means we can accept input from anyone, anywhere in the world. We have a valued community of motivated… Read More

In-Process 12th March 2021

This week we continue our look at the new features of NVDA 2020.4, introduce our newest team member and more! NVDA 2020.4 It’s been a couple of weeks since the release of NVDA 2020.4 and people are enjoying the new features. If you missed reading about them, you can find all the info in The… Read More

In-Process 26th February 2021

This past week saw the release of NVDA 2020.4. There’s a lot of exciting things in the release, so let’s dive right in! NVDA 2020.4 Released Last week, we Released NVDA 2020.4. This release includes new Chinese Input methods, an update to Liblouis, and the elements list (NVDA+f7) now works in focus mode. Context sensitive… Read More

NVDA 2020.4 Released

NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2020.4 of NVDA, the free screen reader for Microsoft Windows, is now available for download. We encourage all users to upgrade to this version. NVDA 2020.4 This release includes new Chinese Input methods, an update to Liblouis and the elements list (NVDA+f7) now works in focus mode.… Read More

In-Process 12th February 2021

Today is Lunar New Year and the start of the year of the Ox. For those who write dates dd/mm/yyyy, today is also a palindrome day: 12/02/2021. As well as all that, the NVDA 2020.4 Release Candidate is available to download, what an exciting week! NVDA 2020.4 RC1 NVDA 2020.4 RC1 is now available. This… Read More

NVDA 2020.4rc1 available for testing

The Release Candidate (RC) of NVDA 2020.4 is now available for download and testing. We encourage all users to download this RC and provide feedback. Unless any critical bugs are found, this will be identical to the final 2020.4 release. NVDA 2020.4 This release includes new Chinese Input methods, an update to Liblouis and the… Read More

In-Process 28th January 2021

We’re near the end of January and getting near release time for NVDA 2020.4. So let’s start there: NVDA 2020.4 The milestone step this week is the announcement of the translation string freeze. The freeze date is the 4th February. That means, translators have one more week to get their translations up to date to… Read More

In-Process 14th January 2021

Welcome to 2021! We are slowly easing our way into the new year and catching up on correspondence. If you have emailed over the break, you should receive a response shortly, if you haven’t already. First off, we have news on NVDA 2020.4, so let’s get right into that. NVDA 2020.4 Beta 4 Thank… Read More