NVDA and Kindle for PC

Last update: 30 January 2017 01:32 UTC

NVDA 2017.1 will support the enhanced accessibility functionality available in Amazon Kindle for PC version 1.19. This enables users to read books in browse mode, including reading with the cursor and continuous reading, and pages turn automatically as the user reads. Users can access links, footnotes, graphics, highlighted text and user notes. In addition, users can highlight text, add notes, perform dictionary and Wikipedia lookups and copy text to the clipboard.

NVDA 2017.1 is expected to be available in late February 2017, but Kindle support is already available for beta testing in NVDA master snapshots. If you wish to test this, you can download Kindle for PC 1.19 and download the latest NVDA master snapshot. Once you download this version of NVDA, you can run it and select “Continue running” if you wish to test it without installing it. Please read the “Kindle for PC” section (section 8.8) in the User Guide included with this NVDA snapshot for further information about using Kindle with NVDA. To access the User Guide, open the NVDA menu, select Help and then select User Guide.

Note that the enhanced accessibility functionality is only available in Kindle books that support “Enhanced Typesetting”, which you can check on the details web page for the book.

Please check this page periodically for updated information.