axe-con 2024 supports NV Access making the NVDA screen reader

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About NV Access

NV Access believe that every blind and vision impaired person deserves the right to freely & easily access a computer. There are over 285 million blind & vision impaired people worldwide for whom PCs don’t work out of the box. Screen reading software reads visual information aloud or on a Braille display. Where other screen readers can cost thousands of dollars, NV Access, a registered charity, provide NVDA for free without obligation. NVDA is a full-featured, open-source screen reader, available to anyone anywhere in the world. NVDA was initially created by Mick and Jamie, who are both blind, making it software for the blind, by the blind. NVDA is translated into over 50 languages, so no-one is left behind, regardless of location, financial situation or employment.

Learn more about NV Access from this short (3:36) overview video.

Watch our founders, Mick and Jamie, on a full-length episode of Australian Story, produced by ABC TV.

And watch a demo of NVDA in action in this video.

About Axe-con

Axe-con has forgone registration fees so that accessibility may be more accessible to everyone who builds digital experiences. For those who are able to donate, we hope that the fees that would have been spent on registration can now be given to NV Access to enable us to continue keeping NVDA up to date with ever-changing technology, and free for anyone, anywhere in the world who can use it!

Help us transform lives

If you have the means, no matter how big or small, please consider making a donation.

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