Block Drop

A game played purely with sound (no visuals), a test of the Web Audio API


Blocks fall from the sky, landing on the ground or on top of already landed blocks. Use the left and right arrow keys (On Desktop) or tilt your device left and right (on phones) while a block is falling, to position it where you wish it to land. The aim of the game is to play for as long as you can, without a stack of blocks reaching the top. When you fill an entire row, that row will disappear and you will go up a level in speed. The area you are playing in is 7 blocks wide by 10 blocks high.

What you hear

You start by hearing a very low constant tone. This is the ground. As a block starts to fall from the sky, you hear a tone (starting quite high) decreasing in pitch as the block approaches the ground. As you move the falling block left or right, the sound of the block will move left and right within the stereo spectrum. When the block finally hits the ground, the pitch of the ground tone will then raise slightly, representing the top of the just landed block (the new hight of the ground at that point). As other blocks fall and you move them left or right, you will always hear the height of the ground at that particular horizontal position, allowing you to locate free space to place a block.


Game Area
Status Area

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