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It is not every day you find a solution to a global issue that makes a profound positive impact on thousands, if not millions, of people in need. 

Not-for-profit organisation NV Access and their product NVDA is one such solution and you are invited to join this revolutionary journey in transforming lives. 

A partnership with NV Access will enable your organisation to:

  • Create opportunities for the tens of thousands of people globally who are blind or vision impaired who are already using NVDA, in more than 120 countries – and help substantially grow this number.
  • Link your organisation’s brand with an Australian-born global story about equity, poverty and transforming the lives of the world’s most vulnerable through technology.
  • Engage and inspire your employees and clients with an organisation that thrives on innovation.
  • Communicate with a global network of developers and ITC companies – NV Access has a network of open source developers who contribute to NVDA, and undertake work for global software companies such as Adobe and Mozilla.
  • Gain insight and identify potential opportunities for the application of text-to-speech technology within your organisation.
  • Meet your social responsibility objectives.

Taking a leadership position by partnering with NV Access literally helps change lives, enables independence and makes a profound impact of the welfare and health of millions into the future.

Contact us today to discuss how your company can create opportunities for millions of people in need – and help tangibly demonstrate your commitment to smart social investment.

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