NVDA Development Snapshots

Included here are automatically generated snapshots of the project in its current state of development. This allows for testing of new code, but be warned that this is 'bleeding edge' code. There will very possibly be nasty bugs and broken code, and we will not provide any support for these snapshots. Constructive feedback is nevertheless welcome.

All dates and times are in UTC.


Alpha snapshots contain bleeding-edge code. These snapshots are generated straight from NVDA's mainline (master) branch. Once a feature is implemented, it will be merged straight into this branch. Although there are some automated tests, code in this branch may have not been tested at all by users. This should never be used in a production environment!

alpha-25756,ba743746Mon Jul 4 00:38:26 2022Download
alpha-25750,07add7e0Fri Jul 1 09:56:34 2022Download
alpha-25732,527e54c7Thu Jun 30 04:31:34 2022Download
alpha-25728,0170323cThu Jun 30 01:37:03 2022Download
alpha-25725,2e7a5f0fThu Jun 30 00:16:30 2022Download
alpha-25700,2e3041f3Tue Jun 28 03:12:00 2022Download
alpha-25697,8bc1bd85Tue Jun 28 00:37:30 2022Download
alpha-25690,ebb05fe5Mon Jun 27 01:41:49 2022Download
alpha-25684,ac7215b1Thu Jun 23 11:07:19 2022Download
alpha-25677,506f3061Wed Jun 22 09:51:12 2022Download
alpha-25674,713cdc0bWed Jun 22 00:10:18 2022Download
alpha-25627,c42a4bafMon Jun 20 01:40:58 2022Download
alpha-25623,1d24f9b0Sat Jun 18 09:53:13 2022Download
alpha-25614,6f211a13Fri Jun 17 08:58:59 2022Download
alpha-25587,fb1ce94dWed Jun 15 07:24:59 2022Download
alpha-25551,3fa7c63dFri Jun 10 11:34:57 2022Download
alpha-25546,4eb30c91Fri Jun 10 08:16:48 2022Download
alpha-25538,f3445949Thu Jun 9 08:53:13 2022Download
alpha-25530,47af401aThu Jun 9 03:55:18 2022Download
alpha-25500,12e17fc1Thu Jun 2 02:33:52 2022Download
alpha-25478,841925b7Tue May 24 01:25:41 2022Download
alpha-25474,f80b7553Mon May 23 08:23:49 2022Download
alpha-25469,23690b2eMon May 23 05:49:19 2022Download
alpha-25456,6cf16d1aFri May 20 01:12:10 2022Download
alpha-25447,23f2d788Thu May 19 04:58:57 2022Download
alpha-25430,6cffa4d5Wed May 18 06:06:19 2022Download
alpha-25427,77f09298Wed May 18 04:35:36 2022Download
alpha-25417,5d40ad43Tue May 17 03:23:05 2022Download
alpha-25388,64301ba6Wed May 11 08:53:17 2022Download
alpha-25360,f90caa92Fri May 6 08:02:28 2022Download
alpha-25349,929d5653Wed May 4 05:05:33 2022Download
alpha-25324,0f08ccb7Fri Apr 29 09:14:16 2022Download
alpha-25309,9b5fa21eWed Apr 27 00:38:44 2022Download
alpha-25262,a55f9a62Wed Apr 20 22:43:49 2022Download
alpha-25260,f3bb60bdWed Apr 20 08:17:25 2022Download
alpha-25252,d5c66136Wed Apr 20 05:27:44 2022Download
alpha-25243,d113c083Tue Apr 19 05:39:54 2022Download
alpha-25209,21367c8eMon Apr 11 08:06:43 2022Download

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Beta releases of NVDA are a chance for users to gain early access to new features in NVDA. These builds should be fairly stable as the code has already been tested for at least 2 weeks by users running alpha snapshots. However, these builds are still not recommended for production environments. Note that unlike alpha snapshots, these builds will automatically upgrade to the final stable release of NVDA when it becomes available. When betas start being published for the next version, you will need to manually download one of the new betas if you wish to test that version early.

2022.2beta3Fri Jul 1 07:17:00 2022Download
2022.2beta2Mon Jun 20 03:56:50 2022Download
2022.2beta1Tue Jun 14 09:54:23 2022Download
2022.1rc2Thu May 19 03:58:46 2022Download
2022.1rc1Thu May 12 05:17:45 2022Download
2022.1beta4Mon May 2 08:26:41 2022Download

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