NVDA Development Snapshots

Included here are automatically generated snapshots of the project in its current state of development. This allows for testing of new code, but be warned that this is 'bleeding edge' code. There will very possibly be nasty bugs and broken code, and we will not provide any support for these snapshots. Constructive feedback is nevertheless welcome.

All dates and times are in UTC.


The next branch contains items being tested for possible inclusion in the next release. This is bleeding edge code and there is no promise that a feature will end up in a future release.

13224,daf26895Sun Feb 7 23:15:25 2016Download
13223,d287eef5Fri Feb 5 05:07:30 2016Download
13219,e9ab8ee5Fri Feb 5 03:41:19 2016Download
13218,ba69ab3bFri Feb 5 03:09:00 2016Download

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The master branch contains features that have been accepted for the next release and have already been tested for at least 2 weeks on the 'next' branch. This should be considered beta quality and should be tested widely.

13222,2d527044Fri Feb 5 04:51:22 2016Download
13220,4dccf41aFri Feb 5 03:52:14 2016Download

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